Monday, August 8, 2016

Yes, the World Does Need Another Travel Blog

Hello world, hello friends.

I've been meaning to start a new blog again for quite a while.  I'm so pleased to finally settle on a new online home for my musings.

With my new job as the director of the Carsharing Association, I'll be on the road frequently, and I always have new observations to share every time I have a trip.  It's also been clear that since we've left our circuslife, there's been a lot of content I could create about places I've been in the continental United States that would be helpful to anyone embarking on a road trip.  Thus, the need for a travel blog become more and more apparent.

I'll be recycling a small amount of content from another old blog to get Traveloguette going, but if you've read my shit before, don't worry, there'll be plenty of new content to enjoy.

See you down the road.